We take responsibility throughout the process of providing you with designing, member procurement, completion and inspection of harnesses to be mounted in racing cars, sensor harnesses, harnesses for measurement and harnesses for control.
Our vast stock of parts and goods will also be an important resource to you.
  [Section Analysis]
   In determining press-fit conditions, we produce a cut sample of a caulking portion and measure and confirm its compressibility by using section analysis software and a microscope. If a problem arises, even a microscopic area can be put into images for analysis to solve the problem.
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  <France> Small pressure sensors for motorsport produced by GS SENSORS and various types of FGP's products including G sensors and load cells, etc.
<U.K.> Potentiometers of Penny + Giles
Sensors that are mentioned above are mainly imported.
Please consult us if you require a customized product.
<Italy>  Fuel pumps of Marzocchi
<U.S.A>  Switches of Otto,
Customer services are available for other relating devices, such as solenoid valves, vacuum pumps, fuel injectors, etc.
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