Conforming with MIL-C-38999 series 1.5 (Connector for Euro Fighter)
Round connectors of medium/high density, designed to cope with autosports in harsh environments.
Light weight, compactness and high performance are integrated into one product.
Combinations of four shell types and five key ways create as many as 128 variations available.

Improvements of the standard AS connector and the AS MICRO HE series.
The shell size 7 is the standard for this series, an intermediate size between the Standard series (size 8) and the MICRO HE series (size 6).
There are variations of three shell types with six pins and three pins.
A further improvement of the former MICRO HE series.
With a reduced weight and efficient use of space, this is a product of new technology encased in an aluminum connector.
The weight was reduced by 30% and the length was shortened by about 8 mm as compared to the MICRO HE series for additional space saving.
Compatible with the MICRO HE series.

"The Autosport Composite," a novel venture into the field of autosport micro connectors.
This resin connector series evolved from the AS MICRO LITE HE aiming at a lighter weight and higher compactness.
This series was developed for a position requiring a higher degree of air-tightness.
The models of this series are more compact than any counterparts produced by other companies.
Variations include a substrate-mounted type and a type having a flange for welding.
This series meets the needs of autosports, aerospace, the industrial process control market, etc.

Developed for motorsport fuel tanks.
Durability under the most severe conditions, which standard type connectors are unable to achieve, was attained.
Metal sealing and VITON O-rings are used.
Three shell sizes and pin locations are available.
Compatible with the standard AS series connectors.
Developed as a high-current connector for the motorsport market where requirements are most stringent.
Also, we have a wide range of products such as an AS MICRO HE HERMETIC with JAM nut, special CONTACTS, sealing gasket, nut plate and tools. We look forward to your inquiries.
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