Corporate outline Company (as of April, 2019)
Trade name Global Active Technology Co.,Ltd.(GAT)
Date of establishment June 24,1994
Representative Chief Executive Officer
Yoshikazu Matsumoto
Head office and Factory 4-11-11,Higashi-Tokorozawa,Tokorozawa-shi,Saitama
359-0021 JAPAN
TEL +81-42-945-1515
FAX +81-42-945-1555
Capital ¥20 million.
Principal bank MUFJ Bank
Saitama Resona Bank
Employee 6 officers, 73 employees
June 1994 Global Active Technology Co., Ltd. founded (capitalized at ¥10 million) and operation commenced. Main business lines: Manufacture in small quantities of multiple types, design/development support and production on a trial basis of electric apparatuses.
January 1995 Manufacture of harnesses for two-wheel racing cars and assembly of sensor units initiated.
December 1997 Development on commission of medical equipment control units, etc., initiated.
June 1999 Manufacture of harnesses for four-wheel racing cars initiated.
January 2000 Direct import of various types of parts and components from the U.K. initiated.
August 2000 The Company moved to Tokorozawa City for business expansion purposes.
May 2001 The first British market survey carried out to establish a procurement channel and to collect information on sensors and related products.
June 2002 Capitalization resources increased to ¥20 million.
October 2002 Our business mainly of harnesses for 2-wheel and 4-wheel racing cars expanded.
Moved to the new company building in Higashi-Tokorozawa, Tokorozawa city along with newly hired employees.
November 2002 Authorized to be the distributor of autosport products of Deutsch Ltd., a British connector manufacturer.
Currently engaged in the importation of a variety of sensors and connectors from European countries.
March 2019 Became a member of TECHTUIT Group

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