Design support is provided to all developers.

Structural Design

We provide service from design concept building to completion of control units for medical equipment, sequencer units and a variety of unit products. We also help you in all processes after the design stage, up to completion of finished products.


Since three-dimensional model data produced with Pro/Engineer could be directly used for making metal molds, molds for prototype optical molding models, powder lamination models, etc., it is helpful in terms of quick development of a product. A prototype can be offered as a finished product on a trial basis, not as components or parts.

Design Support

Structual design for mass production converting from a freeband drawing or a rough schetch drawing into a 3D model. Provision of 3D image data for presentations. In close cooperation with the manufacturer's development staff, we provide support service for quality improvement of developed products and cost reduction.


We provide support in remodeling and improving units, sensors and instruments that are sold in the market. Also, test samples of a wide range of materials are available to meet the customer needs for products made by other materials.

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